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Northumberland is a diverse region made up of distinct areas.

Much of North Northumberland is made up of rugged, secluded landscape. The main towns are Alnwick, Berwick, and Morpeth. Many of the physically remote communities within this area have experience of rural disadvantage.

The west of the county is mainly rural, divided by major road and rail networks. The popular, larger towns of Ponteland and Hexham are more affluent and many communities in the area have well-established economic and cultural links with Tyneside.

The southeast corner of the county is compact coastal lowland intersected by rivers. The towns of Ashington, Blyth, and Cramlington are home to many Northumberland residents. Many communities in the area have high levels of multiple deprivations.

To ensure a local focus and to meet the varied needs of our patients across a geographically and economically diverse county, we have developed four local groups. Each group (locality) will have a dedicated section including local information about the work taking place and the projects we are involved in within each area.