New Berwick Hospital ‘best of modern healthcare’

Plans for the new Berwick Hospital represent the best of modern healthcare

Plans for the new Berwick Hospital took another step forward today as Northumberland County Council’s Health and Wellbeing Overview and Scrutiny Committee approved plans to move forward to the next stage.

The development will see £25 million invested in a new hospital and result in a truly world class facility containing all of the services found on the current site with the ambition to add to them as new technology comes online.  The total investment in Berwick will rise to £45 million if Northumberland County Council agree next week (10 September) that the leisure centre is located on the same site.

Dr Colin Doig, Medical Director and Consultant Cardiologist at Northumbria Healthcare said:

“The new facility builds on similar but not identical previous examples from around the country and takes them to the next level.   Services currently provided within the current hospital will be re-provided within the new facility which will benefit staff and patients alike.

“The Swan Centre site has been chosen as it balances the competing demands of size, accessibility and cost. The site is just over a mile from the current Infirmary, accessible by bus and has far better direct road access than the existing hospital.

“If all goes to plan the site will play host to the new hospital and leisure facility and be at the heart of the community for decades to come.”

Janet Guy, chair of NHS Northumberland Clinical Commissioning Group said:

“We are pleased that the Committee agreed to our proposal, bringing us another step closer to fulfilling our plans for the new development.

“The Committee considered that our engagement exercise was comprehensive, our plans did not substantially vary from the current services and would ensure that the future healthcare needs of the people of Berwick would be met.

“We now await the decision by the Council’s cabinet on 10 September. If approved, we hope to begin working with the local community as quickly as possible to make sure their views help shape the design and development of the new integrated facility.”

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  1. Michael Stewart

    I know you are aware of the proposal to build an integrated Hospital/Leisure Centre on the site of the current Swan Centre.
    You may also be aware that there is an atmosphere of distrust concerning the consultation/engagement process, in which the views of the vast majority of those who attended were summarily dismissed.
    There was strong opposition to the choosing of the site, the combined enterprise, ( which is the first in the country to have this combination of health and leisure on one site.)
    That aside, there is disbelief that NHS/NCC are intending to build the leisure centre before any work starts on the hospital element. The new hospital project has been in the planning for nine years now, and going by their timescale, it will be a further seven years before it is delivered.
    There is also great concern that we are to lose more services than we have at present, and those that were planned for the refurbishment of the current Infirmary site in 2014/15.
    Trying to get anyone from CCG to outline exactly what services will be available is akin to the quest for the holy grail.
    The concerns are many, and complex, but many residents feel that there has been no transparency about the whole process, and that we will be fobbed off with a second rate service, and many more 120 mile journeys for simple procedures, even pre-op assessments.
    I would ask, on behalf of the residents of Berwick-upon-Tweed, that you could look into this very important matter, and investigate whether proper procedure and scrutiny has been followed.

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