Have your say on health and care in Northumberland

People living and working across Northumberland are being asked to share their views on future health and care priorities by completing an online survey launched today.

Northumberland County Council and NHS Northumberland Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are working together to improve the overall health and wellbeing of the county’s residents and reduce inequalities over the next 10 years.

Health and care leaders from the Health and Wellbeing Board, working with wider stakeholders, have drafted a new Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy for the county. This explains what health and wellbeing priorities the board has set in order to tackle the county’s health needs. Rather than taking action on everything at once, it sets priorities for joint action with the aim of making a real impact on people’s lives.

The draft document has identified four key themes:

  • Giving all children and young people the best start in life
  • Empowering people and communities
  • Tackling some of the wider contributing factors of health
  • Adopting a ‘whole system’ approach to health and care.

The council and the CCG are keen to engage with the people of Northumberland to hear their thoughts and feelings about their ideas.

The online survey is available on the council website here and people have until 30 September to complete it. Members of GP Practice Patient Participation Groups and the community and voluntary sector will also have an opportunity to comment on the draft strategy at a number of engagement events that are being held across the county in August. Full information on the events can be found at the same link.

Northumberland County Councillor, Veronica Jones, Cabinet member for adult wellbeing and health said: “By focusing on these key themes, we hope to see increases in both life expectancy and healthy life expectancy. But what we really want to do is close the gap between the experience of people living in our most and least deprived communities.

“We’re keen to hear your views on whether the draft strategy focuses on the right key health, care and wellbeing issues for the people of Northumberland.”

She added: “We’d like you to take the time to answer our short survey to see if you think we have got the strategy’s key themes and priority areas right, and if you feel that anything is missing. Your feedback is really valuable to us and will help shape the final strategy document which is due to be published later this year.”

Dr David Shovlin, Clinical Director at NHS Northumberland Clinical Commissioning Group said: “Over the next 10 years our aim is to deliver better quality care and improve health outcomes for the people of Northumberland. The draft strategy focuses on the needs of local people who use these services and hopes to tackle the issues that affect everyone’s health.

“All health and care partners in Northumberland recognise the importance of engaging with residents and I would encourage everyone to get involved and tell us their views. This will allow us to make sure our services meet the needs and wishes of local people that are fit for the future.”


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9 Responses to Have your say on health and care in Northumberland

  1. Sarah Graham

    Berwick-upon-Tweed needs more services at least on a par with those offered at Alnwick and Hexham given the size of the population. We are geographically isolated up here and as such our health outcomes are lesser to those elsewhere in the region where transfer times are shorter and roads safer. Given the fact that there are no plans to dual the road as far as Berwick we should have quick access to emergency care here. I disagreed wholeheartedly with the current proposal to integrate a new hospital with a leisure centre both of which offer services and facilities lesser than those we had promised in 2014’s proposal.

  2. Sadie Davidson

    I feel there has been a lack of consultation with the people Berwick regarding the the new hospital at Berwick-on-Tweed. I now understand that the Proposal is for less beds at the new hospital and less clinics than are there at the present. We need further consultation, advertised in a way that more people are made aware of exactly what is intended. In my opinion it is important that any new hospital should have adequate parking for busses and cars, with easy access to the A1. Consideration should also be given to the surrounding area and any future increase in population. Also looking to the future it would be cost affected and contribute to the health and well being of Patients, if the long journeys to hospitals for check ups and pre- opt assessments etc, could be eliminated.

  3. Carol Morrison

    The current location suggested has a much smaller footprint than the 2014 plan which was agreed. The latest option has been thrown at us without open and honest consultation as to why the change. Other sites have been offered yet don,t appear to have been considered . I totally agree with Sarah Grahams comments and totally disagree with the current proposed plans. What sort of services will we have with a 7 year build schedule we have the largest population up here the hospital should be first priority to be built . Other sites are still available to future proof the needs of the population in Berwick the 2014 plan should be implemented without delay .

  4. Michael Cox

    Berwick upon Tweed has been repeatedly forgotten by NCC and NHS.
    We hear repeatedly about the golden hour after incidents and the denuding of facilities at Berwick Infirmary is robbing the people of the area access to this principle.
    The A 1 road is a disgrace and not fit for purpose, the Ambulance Service is much reduced and OFTEN not available within this timeframe and then there is the 60 mile trip to contend with when an ambulance is finally available.
    We don’t wish for more services than the rest of the country but demand the same level of service.
    The 2014 document promised by NHS and NCC is the minimum that should be provided and the location of the hospital is secondary. The much vaunted Intergrate Hospital and Leisure Centre is a total farce and should be dropped immediately.

  5. Northumberland CCG

    Thank you for your comments regarding the development of Berwick hospital. If our proposal is approved by the Northumberland County Council’s cabinet on 10 September 2018, we hope to carry out some further engagement as quickly as possible to make sure your views help shape the design and development of the new integrated facility.

    The online survey referred to above is asking for specific views on the draft Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy (JHWS) 2018 – 2028. This document has been produced jointly by Northumberland County Council and the CCG and outlines how we will work together to maximise the wellbeing and health of all Northumberland residents and reduce inequalities over the next ten years.

    • You HOPE to carry out further engagement with the public to help shape your views? WE HOPE that you will listen this time and not fabricate our responses like has happened with your previous so called” Consultations.” The groundswell of opposition to this third world offer of health care is only starting and I suggest whoever is the author should be looking at Situations Vacant.

    • Michael Stewart

      Will this ‘engagement’ be the statutory 12 weeks?
      Simple question, please can you give a simple answer?

  6. Pauline Wilby

    It is disgraceful that the proposal shows that Berwick upon Tweed will actually receive less services than those suggested in the 2014 document. No one should have to undertake a round trip of over 120 miles for a 5 minute hospital appointment. This is demeaning to the elderly in our community and often impossible for families with young children. The air ambulance was called to Berwick twice yesterday presumably as there were no ambulances available, there are only 2 to cover this area.
    We demand the same level of services that other towns in England receive. Until I moved up here seven years ago, I never lived further than 15 minutes from a General Hospital and I lived in a town much smaller than Berwick. Would the members of the committees considering the nature and location of our new hospital be happy with the situation we find ourselves in. Please use some common sense and reinstate services which have been removed and build us a hospital which is fit for purpose.

  7. Gavin Jones

    It’s time to release the 2016 pause on the rebuild of Berwick Infirmary and return all of the services that have been removed from Berwick since the £25m was made available in 2014.

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