Communications and Engagement Strategies 2011/2013


The previous NHS Northumberland Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) communications and engagement strategy was written for the group while operating in shadow format.  ***Review of the strategy started in June 2013 and resulted in the development of a plan on a page.  This was shared with members, key stakeholders including Healthwatch and the public in October 2013.

As a result of this engagement some changes have been made to the plan on a page:

  1. The mission has been amended to show that the CCG wants a diversity of views
  2. Principle 1.5 has been amended to include “make every contact count”
  3. Item 2.1 was changed to reflect comments questioning who the ‘grass-roots’ referred to.  This now refers to member practices and others who deliver services
  4. An additional enabler (tool) was suggested and this has been included at 3.9

The final version of the communications and engagement strategy incorporates the CCG digital media strategy (appendix 1).  The use of digital media is proposed as a means improve engagement with a wide range of socio-economic demographic groups.  The strategy covers all forms of digital media although, at the moment, the main tools for the CCG will be Twitter and Facebook.

The communications and engagement strategy also includes an action plan (appendix 2) that details the work that will be done to implement the strategy.

Cynthia Atkin, chair of Healthwatch Northumberland and Northumberland Health and Wellbeing Board vice chair, has kindly reviewed the full draft strategy and made suggestions that have been incorporated into the final version.