Stephen Young

Strategic head of corporate affairs

Stephen has worked in the CCG since 2015.   He had previously completed a full career as a Logistics Officer in the Royal Navy where he built up an extensive knowledge of managing the corporate affairs of large organisations and also unde0rtook senior business, change, operational and programme management roles.  He was brought up in Northumberland and is thoroughly enjoying working with the communities he grew up in.

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  1. Keith Trobe

    Good Morning
    I understand that the CCG will be considering the application to close Riversdale GP surgery in Wylam. Like many in the village, I am very concerned about the implications of this. I know that the practice consultation ends at the end of this month. I would be grateful if you could inform me of the timetable for consideration of closure and what the process is as the application works its way through the CCG.
    I would also be grateful if you can tell me if the CCG will be undertaking a full review of patient need and GP provision in the wider area around Wylam.

    • Northumberland CCG

      CCG representatives, alongside those from Riversdale Practice and NHS England, will be attending a public meeting, convened by the local Labour group, to discuss Riversdale Surgery on 13 September at St Oswin’s Church Hall at 7.30pm. The CCG will be outlining the process and timescales involved at this meeting. The CCG understands that all interested members of the public are welcome to attend.

  2. Jos Joures

    Hi Stephen,

    At the public meeting you mentioned above, you gave an assurance that the Parish Council would receive a full analysis of the healthcare needs of the area and of how they should be met before any decision of the Riversdale Surgery was made.

    I would be grateful to know when we will receive this.

    Thank you.

  3. Jen mclean

    I attended the Berwick regeneration group meeting to hear an update on the plans for a New Hospital. An email read out stated the listening exercises had concluded and there was favour for the integrated leisure/hospital/social care facility and that the next stage of preparing the business plan is going ahead and what evidence there is to support an integrated hospital bearing in mind the public meeting in Berwick Town Hall did in fact take a bite and out of 90 people there. Only 1 person supported it. Every other person was against. Not only that but 300 more voted against the proposed development on returned community surveys, A press article advising readers that local people were in favour of this prompted 130 comments. Not one person agreed with that statement?
    These statements and the lack of any clarity on issues raised by the public only lead to more distrust.
    I welcome your response. Thank you in anticipation
    Jen Mclean ( Berwick Upon Tweed)

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