Dr Paul Crook

Governing body secondary care doctor

Paul retired in 2011 after working as a consultant rheumatologist at Wansbeck General Hospital.

He has clinical management experience treating long-term conditions in eastern Northumberland.  He was a key part of clinical networks across the region.

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  1. Jennifer Mclean

    Dr Crook
    Dear Mr Crook
    Can you please confirm that the promised new build hospital facility in Berwick will continue to be a secondary care hospital as stated in the endorsed 2014 business plan and not be relegated to primary care?
    The plan states that the 25 Million loan was secured against the rebuild of Berwick Hospital
    Can you also please advise of the present outstanding balance of the loan and whether or not that will have any impact on the promised services for Betwick? ie day surgery procedures with seven bed recovery ward, birthing room, rapid assessment clinic etc

    • L Kelly

      Many thanks for your questions concerning the redevelopment of Berwick Infirmary. No decisions have yet been taken and the relevant boards are due to consider the proposals this month. Thereafter the way ahead will be discussed with the Northumberland County Council Health and Wellbeing Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

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