Dr Graham Syers

North locality joint director

Graham Syers

Graham Syers, north locality joint director

Graham has been a GP partner at the Bondgate Practice in Alnwick for the past nine years. He was the clinical lead for the North Northumberland practice-based commissioning group prior to his involvement in the commissioning group and is also a GP tutor.

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  1. Mr Swann

    With reference to the recent newspaper article ‘Stay away, north east GPs tell patients with minor ailments.’, Will they not then be in danger of being struck off their GP’s list under the proposed 5 year rule?
    See ‘Now GPs could strike you off their list for being too healthy: Patients who don’t visit for five years may be axed.’ At http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3472232/Now-GPs-strike-list-healthy.html

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