Clinical Commissioning Groups are statutory NHS bodies with a range of duties including safeguarding adults and children. As a membership organisation, Northumberland Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) brings together GP practices in Northumberland to commission services for all those registered with them. As commissioner of local health services, Northumberland CCG needs to assure itself that the service providers have effective safeguarding arrangements in place. The CCG has a duty to support GP practices in their safeguarding duties.

Key contacts

The Assurance & Accountability Framework (NHSE 2015) require all CCG’s to secure the expertise of designated professionals for safeguarding children, Looked After Children, Child Death Overview Process and adult safeguarding including Mental Capacity Act. All of these professionals are in post in Northumberland and have a key role in providing expert support and advice in all these issues. Northumberland CCG employs a Named GP safeguarding children who has a key role in support, advice and training provision. All of these professionals can be contacted for advice and / or support on any safeguarding matter (please see contact list). If unsure, the designated nurse should be the first point of contact, she will direct the caller to the most appropriate professional.

Margaret Tench

Designated Nurse Safeguarding Children and interim Looked After Children

Dr Naomi Jones

Designated Doctor Safeguarding Children

Dr Riaan Swanepoel

Named GP Safeguarding Children

Dr Stephen Bruce

Designated Doctor Child Deaths

Dr Anna Redfearn

Designated Doctor Looked After Children

Fiona Kane

Designated Safeguarding Adults Manager

Each GP practice has a nominated lead for safeguarding children and adults. Northumberland CCG is committed to supporting these leads in their role and is developing a network initially for child safeguarding leads led by the designated doctor, nurse and Named GP. This network will provide peer support and development in order to fulfil their roles competently.


Training for all primary care staff is mandatory.

Children: Single agency safeguarding children training is provided by the Named GP and designated nurse. Dates will be agreed and circulated to all practices. Multi-agency courses and e-learning is also available via the Northumberland Safeguarding Children Board (NSCB) web site


Adults: Bespoke adult safeguarding training is available via the Learning & Development Unit. To arrange this, please contact:

Leigh Waller, 01670 629041 –

Local Safeguarding Boards

Multi-agency working is essential when safeguarding vulnerable people. In order to ensure this happens, safeguarding boards are in place for both adults and children within Northumberland. These boards are represented at a senior level by all agencies to ensure compliance with legislation. Each board has a web site which contains useful information, relevant documents, contact numbers as well as the learning from local and national case review: