Equality and diversity

Man and women talkingWe are committed to ensuring that equality, diversity and human rights are part of everything we do. We are also required by law to do this under the Equality Act 2010, the Human Rights Act 1998 and the NHS Constitution.

We’re in the process of reviewing our performance against the Equality Delivery System (EDS), which is a system that we all use in the NHS. We are doing this review in partnership with members of various community organisations and charities within Northumberland. We will be publishing the results of our review, along with our goals for the next few years, in October 2013.

What are equality, diversity and human rights?
Equality is about creating a community in which everyone can contribute and have their say regardless of their protected characteristics which are age, disability, religion and beliefs, sex, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, gender reassignment, race and sexual orientation.

It is also about offering equal opportunities so everyone is able to fulfil their potential, regardless of who they are.

Diversity is about creating a working society that embeds practices which recognise, respect and value difference.  This will in turn benefit employees, the CCG as a whole and the public who use our services.

Human rights are our basic rights to humane dignified treatment. These rights exist regardless of who we are, where we live or what we do.

Human rights represent all the things that are important to us, such as being able to choose how to live our life and being treated with dignity and respect. Human rights are the umbrella over all our aims, objectives and actions towards addressing inequality and promoting diversity.

Meeting our legal duty
In the exercise of our functions we will have due regard towards the need to:

  • Eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation and other conduct prohibited by the Act
  • Advance equality of opportunity between people who share a protected characteristic and those who do not
  • Foster good relations between people who share protected characteristics and those who do not

This means that we should:

  • Work towards removing or minimising disadvantages suffered by people due to their protected characteristics
  • Take steps to meet the needs of people from protected groups where these are different from the needs of other people
  • Encourage people from protected groups to participate in public life or in other activities where their participation is disproportionately low

Our aim is to uphold these objectives and to close the gap in health inequalities.

Equality Strategy 2016-2020

Equality Delivery System – assessment and equality objectives

The Equality Delivery System (EDS) requires Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in collaboration with local interest “groups” to analyse and grade their own equality performance, and set equality objectives, supported by an action plan.  NHS Northumberland CCG has worked with partners in the community and voluntary sector and Healthwatch to assess its performance agains the EDS and to develop these equality objectives.  This was approved at the Joint Locality Executive Board meeting on 23 October 2013.

Equality Delivery System assessment and objectives

Northumberland CCG Equality Objectives Action Plan 23.04.14

Equality Delivery

Copies of our equality analysis can be found below.

Equality Analysis on Midwifery led care in Berwick

Equality Analysis on NHS Northumberland CCG Mental Health Model of Care


Equality Information

Our equality Information provides an overview of how we meet our public sector equality duty, both through commissioning and employment. We endeavour to work with our community interests and internal groups to prioritise our work which will produce better outcomes. This information is not exhaustive and there are key CCG documents which provide further information about our policies, objectives and actions. We have listed the main documents below and provided the links if anyone wishes to read them. They include:

Northumberland CCG Equality strategy 2014-2016


Northumberland CCG’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

Northumberland CCG’s Equality Objectives


Health Profile 2013 Northumberland 00EM1

NHS England – Promoting Equality and Tackling Health Inequalities

Equality Analysis