About us


NHS Northumberland Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) plans and buys the majority of hospital based and community health care services, such as those provided by health visitors and district nurses, for the people of Northumberland.

What are clinical commissioning groups?

Clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), as the names suggests, are made up of doctors, nurses and other health professionals – with support from experienced health service managers.

All 41 family GP practices in Northumberland are members of NHS Northumberland CCG – so in the most part we are practising family doctors, although we do have a range of other medical professionals working with us.

Although we are not responsible for the contract with GP practices, dentists, pharmacies and opticans, we work closely with NHS England who have this role

Putting clinical commissioning into practice

Through our GPs and practices we have close links to our patients which means we are well placed to develop local health services to make them more responsive to your needs.

Our Annual Report shows how we work to improve healthcare and health outcomes in Northumberland.

We have really focused on improving patient care using your patient stories and engaging with the Northumberland community. Wherever possible we want to deliver integrated care, connecting as many services as possible and making it easier for you to get good quality care.

Northumberland CCG Annual Report and Accounts 2017-18

NHS changes explained

The NHS has undergone many changes recently. The following video, put together by The King’s Fund, explains these changes and the way in which the new organisations work and fit together.

An alternative guide to the new NHS in England from The King’s Fund on Vimeo.