In keeping with our open and transparent vision, we will publish links to key publications, annual reports, prospectuses and strategies on this page for ease of access:

Northumberland CCG Operational Plan 2018 – 2019

Annual Audit Letter

Northumberland CCG Annual Report and Accounts 2017-18

Value Based Clinical Commissioning Policies

Trade union activity report 2017/18

Health and Safety Strategy (4)

Modern Slavery Act Statement

Northumberland CCG 2017 Assurance Letter

Northumberland CCG Operational Plan 2017/18 to 2018/19

Annual report and accounts 2016-17

Northumberland CCG 2016 Legal Directions

Northumberland CCG 2016 Assurance Letter

Northumberland CCG annual report and accounts 2015-16

Northumberland ACO Case for Change

Value Based Clinical Commissioning Policies – V5.0 Nov 2017

Fair processing notice

Children and Young People’s emotional health and wellbeing strategy

Northumberland CCG annual report and accounts 2014-15

Northumberland CCG Assurance Annual Letter CCG Final 2015

July Patient Forum Summary Report

Commissioning plan

Serious Case Review Overview Report – Eve

The current position on Nicotine Containing products (NCP’s) inlcuding electronic cigarettes and vapourisers Appendix

Better Care Fund – Northumberland Submission

Northumberland CCG annual audit letter

Our two year commissioning plan

Health and Social Care Information Centre

Primary Care Strategy 2016 – 2020

March 2016 Financial Performance Report

March 2016 Financial Performance Report Appendices

February 2016 Financial Performance Report

February 2016 Financial Performance Report Appendices

January 2016 Financial Performance Report

January 2016 Financial Report Appendices

December 2015 Financial Performance Report

December 2015 Financial Performance report appendices

November 2015 Financial Performance Report

November 2015 Finance Report Appendices

October 2015 Financial Performance Report M6

Financial Performance Report Appendices

September Financial Performance Report M5

September 2015 Appendices of JLEB Financial Performance Report

August Financial Performance Report M4

August 2015 Financial Performance Report M4 Appendices

March 2016 Performance Report

February 2016 Performance Report

January 2016 Performance Report

December 2015 Performance report

November 2015 Performance report

October Performance Report

Performance Report September 2015

Performance Report August 2015

Performance Report July 2015

Performance Report June 2015

Performance Report May 2015

Performance Report April 2015

Performance Summary Report March 2015

Our corporate policies

Our information governance policies

Our constitution

Our equality and diversity strategy and analyses

Our registers of interest

Our communications and engagement strategy

Our transparency regarding public funds

Sanction report

Northumberland Safeguarding Children Board