Joining up care in Northumberland

Health and social care organisations across Northumberland share a collective vision for continuing to improve the quality of services for people living across the county.

In 2015, NHS England announced Northumberland as one of only eight areas across the country chosen to take a national lead on transforming care for patients as part of the national vision for the future of the NHS.

Over the last 12 months some new models of care have been developed to transform local services and create an NHS which is fit for the future.

Patients and members of the public are now being asked to share their experiences and give their views by completing an online survey: 

The NHS in Northumberland would like to understand your experiences of healthcare services in the county, how easily you are able to access these services and your views on the changes that have happened.

Your feedback is very important to all health and social care partners in Northumberland and will help us understand how people use our services and to ensure that pathways of care are designed around people’s need.


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  1. Bridget Jones

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I am an operational manager working within continuing healthcare in Bradford – could you provide me with the contact details of whoever is leading on the continuing healthcare process within your organisation?
    many thanks

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